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Hello and welcome to Mrs.Real Talk! I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by my blog. Chances are if you’re here, you’ve seen me hanging around somewhere online, posting comments, asking questions, or something along those lines. So it’s pretty cool that you’ve decided to stop by to see what I’m up to. Here it is: I’m working on an advice column called Mrs. Real Talk. This column is geared towards giving Real Talk to Real People about Real Life. So the idea is to create a warm environment for everyone to come and feel comfortable talking.

Right now, my primary focus is getting this blog up and running, so I can provide a cool, visually pleasing place for people to get some Real Talk. Since this is my first foray into blogging, it’s going to take a little time for me to get things together. In the meantime, I’ll have this page up while I work out the kinks behind the scenes. My target date for the big launch is September 21, 2014. Hopefully, you all will come back and join me for the beginning of a great journey.

Since, this is (or will be) an advice column, I need questions to get this party started! Even though the launch date is September 23, you can start sending questions now. Topics I will address included but or not limited to: personal, family, relationship, marriage, and work. But honestly, just send in your question regardless of the topic. If it goes well, I’ll have a new topic to address. If it doesn’t go work, I’ll have a topic to avoid, but at the very least I’ll direct you to someone who can help. Since the blog isn’t running yet, I’ll respond to the early questions via email. Who knows, your question could be one of the first on the blog when it launches!

By submitting a letter to this blog, you grant Mrs. Real Talk and permission to publish it on this site and elsewhere including print publications. Your name and email address will never be included, shared, or distributed.

So before you send in your questions, here are my promises to you:

1. All the advice will be honest and will come from a helpful place. I’m not starting this blog to tear people down or belittle anyone. I’m starting this because I genuinely want to help people and if you allow me, I would like to use my knack for good advice to help. Even though, I use the phrase Real Talk, I want everyone to understand that Real Talk does not mean I’m going to be brutally honest without regard to your feelings, circumstances, etc. I will be 100% REAL with everyone, but everything I say will be wrapped in LOVE, KINDNESS, and HUMANITY. There are plenty of places you can go to find meanness, cruelty, and just nasty things. This blog and anything associated with Mrs. Real Talk will never be that!

2. All the advice will be REAL and I will take your questions seriously. I think that’s self-explanatory.

3. Everyone will get a response. I will not just read your question and pass over it and leave you hanging. If it is a question I can respond to, I’ll type up a full response just as I would once the blog gets going. If I can’t respond to it, at the very least I will let you know that I have received your question and will give you a reason as to why I can’t respond, and if possible, I will direct you to someone who can help. But I won’t ignore your questions. If you take the time to write me, I will also take the time to write you and let you know that your question was received. The only thing I ask for here is patience. Right now, this is a one woman operation. So if traffic is busy, it could take a while for me to get to you, but I will get to you.

And if you are sending in a question, I need a few promises from you! If you can’t commit to ALL of these promises, DO NOT send in a question! So by sending in a question, you promise that:

1. You understand I AM NOT PROFESSIONAL. I did not go to school for advice giving, I did not study advice-ology! I hope my use of non real words there helps to convey the fact that everything I say on this blog and anything else associated with Mrs. Real Talk is my opinion. It’s a personal opinion, NOT a professional opinion. I am not responsible for any outcome of any situation should you choose to adhere to my advice or opinion. Whether you follow my advice is up to you, and your decision to adhere to my advice or not is your decision alone. Therefore, I am NOT liable for your actions or any results stemming from them, past, present, or future.

2. The question will be real and serious. If you are taking the time to write me, please make it worth both of our whiles. Please do not send in fake questions. That’s not to say every question has to be a philosophical debate. I want light-hearted questions, just as much as the dramatic quandaries. I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time with questions that aren’t real.

3. You will not use real names in the question. Here’s what I’m saying, if your question involves people other than yourself, please change the names to protect their identities. We are not outing anyone on this site, we are not putting anyone on blast, nothing along those lines. So real names are off-limits. If I get an email from anyone saying their name was used here without their permission and/or knowledge, I will cooperate fully with them to resolve any issue. Likewise, when sending in your question, please use a sign off. Your sign off can be related to your question or just a fake name you like to use (i.e. Lonely in London, Master of No Domain, Sally Califragalistic, etc.). I love creativity, so I’m looking forward what you come up with. If you don’t give a sign off, I’ll simply respond to you as Anonymous followed by a number so we can keep track.

That covers it for now. This set of promises are like the Constitution. It is a living breathing document with room for amendments and provisions. I’ll always post the latest here.

But now, it seems like I’m ready to accept questions.

Remember only send questions if you are adhering to the promises above! See you on September 23, 2012!

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